Call The Center to Repair Problem Mastectomies, Failed Breast Implant Reconstruction

Months or years have passed since your mastectomy or breast surgery. And when the swelling and bruising finally faded, you were left with something that just "didn't work for you."

Sometimes mastectomies, reconstructive surgeries and implant based reconstruction simply don't work as well as you hoped, nor as well as they should. Our surgeons are experts at repair work.

Using the various flap techniques, they can create full, natural looking breasts with tissue from your own body. Your own tissue can be used to give you a more natural and permanent result.

Approximately 1/3 of our patients have experienced failed implant reconstruction and we "start over" without sacrificing any of your important muscles. Bonus: Your buttocks or tummy may look more aesthetically pleasing than you ever expected!

Our practice specializes in muscle sparing breast reconstruction such as the GAP, PAP, SIEA, and DIEP flaps.

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