See How Dr. Craigie and Dr. Kline Explain Microsurgical Techniques and Advancements in Breast Reconstruction

Medical Monday: Nerve Repair in Reconstructed Breast

In this clip from Living Local’s “Medical Monday” segment, Dr. James Craigie explains how it is possible to repair the nerve damage caused by a mastectomy during perforator flap breast reconstruction.

Fat Grafting in Plastic Surgery for Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Richard M. Kline sits down with the DiepC Foundation to discuss the value of fat grafting during the revision stages of breast reconstruction.

The Value of a Consistent Breast Reconstruction Surgical Team

Terri Coutee interviews both Dr. Richard M. Kline and Dr. James Craigie about the value of having a consistent breast reconstruction surgical team throughout your breast reconstruction journey.

SGAP Breast Reconstruction: Using Tissue from the Top of the Buttocks

On this installment of the DiepC Foundation’s expert interview series, Terri Coutee sits down with our own Dr. Richard M. Kline to offer his insights on an alternative for women who may not be a candidate to the regular DIEP flap reconstruction surgery – the SGAP (superior gluteal artery perforator).

The Value of a Surgeon’s Medical Support Team in Breast Reconstruction

Your medical team goes way beyond your surgeon. Listen to what our surgeons have to say about the value of the medical support team that assists microsurgeons and plastic surgeons in breast reconstruction.

Telemedicine in Breast Reconstruction

Telemedicine has helped transform the medical landscape over the past few years. Find out what our doctor’s have to say about the advantages of telemedicine, along with the process and details of what it entails for those who travel for their breast reconstruction.

Restoring Nerves Post-Mastectomy During DIEP Flap Surgery

During the mastectomy process the original breast nerve endings get damaged and leave the area without nerve sensation. In this interview, Dr. James Craigie discusses how to restore sensation to the breast during a DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery, and how intricate the process is.

PAP Flap Breast Reconstruction: Using the Back of the Thigh

Everyone’s bodies are different, which means that not everyone will be able to find additional tissue to use in a natural breast reconstruction from the same area. Watch as Dr. James R. Craigie discusses the PAP Flap, with options available for using autologous breast reconstruction and other good sources of tissue reconstruction following a mastectomy.

Delayed DIEP Flap Phenomenon, Breast Reconstruction

The DiepC Foundation hosts an interview with the talented Dr. Robert J. Allen, discussing the “delayed phenomenon” in DIEP flap breast reconstruction.

Our Passion

Our talented doctors at The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction explain why we do what we do.

Tools Used Breast Reconstruction

Dr. James Craigie discusses the use of clips, mesh, and sutures in breast reconstruction. Many patients ask about these tools/devices, so the information Dr. Craigie provides helps patients understand their use and function in procedures like DIEP flap reconstruction.