Things to Avoid


Help Ensure Optimum Healthy by Reviewing this List

For two weeks before your surgery, do not take any medication containing aspirin. Aspirin can inhibit the blood’s clotting ability, hindering your surgical and postoperative health.  Please check the labels of medications that you take (even non-prescription medications) to avoid all aspirin.

If you need minor pain medication, choose Tylenol. If you are allergic to Tylenol or unable to take it for some reason, we can arrange for a substitute. It is also recommended that you discontinue the use of all herbal supplements and extra vitamins other than those contained in your multivitamin.

The following drugs either contain aspirin and/or have undesirable effects that may affect your surgery (abnormal bleeding and bruising) and should be avoided. Please let us know if you are currently taking any of these medications.

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