Team-Based Care


Our World-Class Surgeons Work With a World-Class Team

A successful surgical team works like a symphony. Or a ballet company. Each member knows their part and plays it to perfection. The result – a masterpiece.

That’s how we work at Charleston’s The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction. Our world-class, board certified surgeons rely on a top-notch medical team to assist them before, during and after surgery. You can rest assured that their experience, compassion and talent combine to yield results that often exceed our patients’ expectations.


Specialized training, experience and compassion

The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction was created by two surgeons, Dr. James Craigie and Dr. Richard Kline. Through their work at East Cooper Plastic Surgery, they saw patients benefit from breakthroughs in microsurgery and breast reconstruction. Their combined skills helped women achieve the very best results possible.

The result: a center devoted completely to helping women gain the breast shape and fullness they seek, without the loss of muscle or use of artificial implants.

Richard M. Kline Jr., M.D.

Dr. Kline trained in microsurgery with Dr. Robert Allen, who was pioneering the DIEP, SIEA, and GAP flaps.

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James E. Craigie, M.D.

Dr. Craigie is an accomplished surgeon conducting 70-100 breast reconstruction surgeries each year. 

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Lindsey Weaver,  FNP–C

Lindsey is a nationally board certified, state licensed Family Nurse Practitioner, and our Advanced Practice Provider.

Audrey Rowen, PA-C

Audrey is a nationally certified Physician Assistant and strives to empower her patients through education.

Sarah Proctor, PA-C

Sarah is passionate about making sure patients feel heard, well-taken care of, and supported throughout their journey to healing.


Gail Lanter, CPC

Practice Administrator

Brandy Brown

Administrative Assistant
Insurance Specialist

Alexandria Maguire

Administrative Assistant
Patient Intake/Reception

Teandra Ravenel

Administrative Assistant
Surgery Scheduling

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