Procedures: ReSensation™️

Utilize donated nerve tissue that attaches to a patients remaining new tissue in the affected area. Over time, nerve-endings will regenerate.

ReSensation™️: Procedure Details

The plastic surgeon takes donated nerve tissue and attaches it to a patient’s remaining nerve tissue in the affected area. Over time, that donated nerve becomes part of the patient’s body and helps to regenerate nerve-endings in that area.



“With this new surgical method, we are not only able to provide patients with a more natural-looking breast, but the possibility that the breast will feel more natural to them as well,” says James E. Craigie, M.D., “ReSensation is an exciting development in care that we hope will help bring our patients that much closer to feeling like themselves during and after treatment.” We advocate an evolved form of mastectomy – “Nerve Sparing” mastectomy would facilitate ReSensation reconstruction.

Patients interested in ReSensation face few limitations, and the procedure is performed during breast reconstruction. Breast implants pose one limitation in that they are artificial and do not contain nerves that can restore sensual and non-sensual sensation., therefore this procedure is currently not available to patients undergoing breast reconstruction via implants. ReSensation is best used for patient’s who choose to reconstruct the breasts using their own tissue. ReSensation includes a combination of nerve sparing mastectomy and natural tissue reconstruction with the addition of nerve reconstruction/reconnection. The procedure is not a new concept, but improved results are now possible due to collaboration and improved techniques.

Once the ReSensation procedure and breast reconstruction is complete, patients can feel confident that they took all steps possible to hopefully restore their breast sensation and therefore achieve an even more natural result. Also ongoing clinical trials are sharing data, discovering new possibilities, and working toward better results.

Ask our doctors what insurance companies recognize these new and innovative procedures as not all are up to date within their clinical policies and procedures when it comes to restoring breast sensation.

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