Innovative Procedures

Utilizing Tissue from Additional Areas of the Body to Reconstruct the Breasts

New surgical techniques give us the opportunity to provide state-of-the-art care to our patients. Advancements in imaging also help us maintain our over 99% success rate for microsurgical breast reconstruction by leading us to a greater understanding of breast flap physiology and perfusion. Because donor sites are no longer limited to the abdomen and buttock, we are now able to offer natural reconstruction options to more women.

Stacked DIEP & GAP Flaps

A “stacked” flap uses tissue from both sides of the abdomen (stacked DIEP) or from both buttocks (stacked GAP) to reconstruct one breast. This procedure allows women with less excess tissue to have natural breast reconstruction after a unilateral mastectomy.


The ICAP (Intercostal Artery Perforator) flap uses tissue from the underarm area to reconstruct the breasts, while tissue is taken from the upper back at the bra line to form the TDAP (Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator) flap. These flaps are smaller than DIEP or GAP flaps, so they are often used during revision surgeries to fix deformities of the reconstructed or natural breast. These flaps can also reconstruct partial defects that result from lumpectomy procedures.

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