COVID-19 Update

We’re about more than reconstructing breasts, we’re about restoring lives.

COVID-19 Preparedness & Prevention Plan

  • Patient screening before and on arrival to the clinic
    • Any recent travel outside of South Carolina
    • Any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, shortness of breath, the recent loss of taste or smell, fatigue, muscle/body aches
    • If positive, the patient should be provided a mask immediately and asked to report to a local testing center
  • Consider rescheduling non-urgent appointments or use telemedicine
  • Temperature checks on all patients
  • Known patient with recent exposure to COVID-19 should not be seen in the office and arrangements for telemedicine should be made
  • Consider telemedicine visits on any patients actively going through chemo since they are immunocompromised
Waiting Room Prevention
  • Reorganize waiting areas to keep patients a minimum of 6 feet away from others and/or have high risk patients wait in the car
  • Provide alcohol-based hand rub and/or soap in all reception, waiting, patient care, and restroom areas
  • Discontinue the use of toys, magazines, and other shared items in waiting areas, as well as office items shared among patients, such as pens, clipboards, phones, etc. (or thoroughly clean between patient use)
  • Limit non-patient visitors
  • Allow patients to wait outside or in the car if they are medically able
Clinic Prevention
  • Remove all magazines and artificial plants from exam rooms
  • Remove pillows from exam rooms and only bring out if needed
  • Clean stethoscopes, thermometers, and other equipment between patient uses. This equipment should be cleaned with appropriate cleaning solutions for each patient. Consider the use of disposable equipment when possible
  • Clean room and ALL medical equipment completely with appropriate cleaning solutions
  • Wear face mask or N95 mask during all patient encounters
  • No hugging or shaking hands with patients
  • We should wash hands or use hand sanitizer between every patient
  • Use PPE such as gloves with all patient care
Clinic Preparedness
  • Consider and plan for providing more telemedicine appointments
  • Space patients out with 30 min appointments to allow for proper cleaning and sanitizing of room and equipment
  • Assess and restock supplies on a regular schedule
  • Patients with recent or known exposure of COVID-19 require pre-op testing and a negative outcome to proceed with surgery
  • Visitors are limited to one per patient