Our Process


We’re about more than reconstructing breasts, we’re about restoring lives.

Our Process

The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction knows how daunting breast reconstruction information can be. Whether you were recently diagnosed with breast cancer or had a mastectomy years ago, our highly-skilled team is here to help simplify your decision and answer your questions.

The first step of the reconstruction process involves doing your research and exploring your options. Women will find out that there are many different types of procedures that are available and some may be better suited than others. You can also explore galleries of images and see what end results can be expected. While researching, questions pertaining to your situation specifically will naturally arise and we are here to help answer those questions and provide you key knowledge that can help you throughout this journey. Submit an Ask the Doctor Question, and one of our doctors will be personally answered within about 48 hours. You can also read through over 200 breast reconstruction Q&A’s to learn more about what other women have gone through or wondered about themselves.


Our doctors, Dr. James Craigie or Dr. Richard Kline, are more than happy to see patients in person for an in person consultation at your earliest convenience to discuss your best options and give you more information on the different procedures. If you are from out of town, we can often offer a phone consult first to help you better understand the process before making a big trip here. We can also set you up to meet with a local breast surgeon on the same day as a consult with us.
Finding the right surgeon isn’t always easy. But you need to put the same time and effort into it that you would put into hiring a real estate agent to find you a home or finding the right school for your children. After all this is your health we’re talking about and you deserve the best.

So what should you look for when choosing a plastic surgeon?

1. A surgeon who specializes in your desired procedure

2. A surgeon that is board certified and properly trained.

3. A surgeon you are comfortable working with

4. A surgeon whose practice can take your insurance

Working out Insurance Needs

Another aspect of preparing for a reconstruction surgery is of course insurance. The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 provides protection to patients who choose to have breast reconstruction in connection with a mastectomy. The federal law applies to those covered under group health insurance plans and those with individual health insurance coverage. You should check with your insurance provider for coverage details. We are a participating partners with most major insurers including United Health Care, Cigna, BlueCross BlueShield, Humana, Aetna and more. Make sure you’ve discussed payments and coverage with your health insurer before your surgery. Get all pre-authorizations in writing, and make sure you are aware of any out-of-pocket costs you will have to pay. There is sometimes a difference between what you are billed for and what your insurance will pay, and you should be prepared ahead of time to avoid surprises. Our administrative staff also can help you with reimbursement questions.

Surgery Prep

Our reconstruction procedures are most commonly a staged process that involves at least 2 surgeries to achieve something close to a end result. You should be prepared to be out of work and have those arrangements made with your employer. Ensure you house and family is in order and there is a plan of action regarding your care put in place. Eating well, avoid smoking, reduce stress, wash your hands, and practicing other habits can also help your body be physically ready for surgery.

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