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At the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we know that women’s bodies and emotional selves are inextricably linked. There isn’t a question we haven’t been asked; nor a concern we haven’t helped women and their loved ones manage. From financial questions to intimacy issues, we’re here to help.

If you have been told you must sacrifice any of your important muscles to have breast reconstruction, you owe it to yourself to seek an additional opinion. If you have had implant reconstruction, radiation, and problem with your results, natural tissue reconstruction may be a very good solution.

We’re dedicated to ensuring women are offered all possible options of breast reconstruction when facing mastectomy. While our practice emphasis is on reconstruction utilizing your own tissue, we believe it is our responsibility to provide information on all options available, allowing women to make a smart informed choice as to which method they feel is best for them. We are available to answer questions no matter what stage of the process a woman may be. We’re about more than reconstructing breasts, we’re about restoring lives.


Our practice specializes in muscle sparing breast reconstruction such as the GAP, PAP, SIEA, and DIEP flaps.


The DIEP flap is the most frequently used type of perforator surgery for breast reconstruction because of the tummy tuck benefit that can be part of the process.

GAP Flap

Women who are thin or who have minimal tummy tissue can also benefit from this procedure. In the GAP Flap, tissue is taken from the buttock area.

PAP Flap

PAP Flap is know as the profunda artery perforator flap, and utilizes the tissues of the upper thigh to reconstruct the breast following mastectomy.

Innovative Procedures

Learn about alternative procedures using tissue from under the arms, “love handles”, outer leg and upper outer tummy.


Utilize donated nerve tissue that attaches to a patients remaining new tissue in the affected area. 

3D Nipple Tattoo

The 3-D nipple tattoo is a work of art that looks like an authentic nipple. Artistic skills make the tattoos look just like real nipples.

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Ask the Doctors

We know how daunting breast reconstruction information can be, and we’re here to personally answer your questions.

Over 400 breast reconstruction Q & A’s can be found on our Ask the Doctor posts. If you can’t find your answer, please submit your Ask the Doctor question below, and we’ll personally answer within 48 hours.

    Meet the Doctors

    Dr. Craigie and Dr. Kline have been operating as a team for 20 years.  Both are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Our patients receive the highest quality care from  our dedicated office and hospital team members. We maintain an over 99% success rate for our microsurgical breast reconstruction procedures.

    James E. Craigie, MD

    Specialty: Muscle sparing Breast reconstruction with the patient’s own fatty tissue

    Dr. Craigie is an accomplished surgeon conducting 70-100 breast reconstruction surgeries each year.

    Richard M. Kline, Jr., M.D.

    Specialty: Perforator flap breast reconstruction

    Dr. Kline trained in microsurgery with Dr. Robert Allen, who was pioneering the DIEP, SIEA, and GAP flaps.

    Meet the Rest of the Team


    First Consultation

    We set up a time for a telephone/virtual consultation with one
    of our surgeons.


    Planning for Surgery

    Now it’s time to help you choose a date, surgical
    plan, and most of the preoperative testing.



    Expect a 3-to-4 night stay as an inpatient in the hospital on a women’s service floor in Charleston, SC.


    and More

    Our team will be in constant contact with you to check on your progress and surgery success. 

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    Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Restores Your Shape & Well-Being

    Chances are, you’ve faced your breast cancer (or genetic diagnosis) with the heart of a warrior. You’ve faced lots of decisions, and emerged victorious! Whether you were diagnosed yesterday, or had a mastectomy years ago, there’s one decision remaining: Will you have breast reconstruction, and which method is best?

    We’re here to make that choice easier. The Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction™️ has helped hundreds of women through the process. We know how daunting the information can be. Our medically-advanced team will help simplify your decisions. Best of all, our state-of-the-art, microsurgical breast reconstruction techniques use your own tissue without sacrificing muscle or function. The results: natural looking and feeling breasts.

    Real Stories from Women We’ve Helped

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    They took the time to listen and answer all of my questions. I felt comfortable and pleased with my visit. All of the staff was very kind!


    The staff immediately made me comfortable in the lobby, The paperwork was a breeze electronically. Was in the patient room within 10 minutes of my appointment time and saw Dr. Kline right away. He explained everything to me in a very understandable way and made me feel comfortable. Would recommend Dr. Kline without reservation.


    From the first phone call, they make you feel right at home! It’s an even better experience the first appointment. Can’t say that about every office! They are wonderful! Dr Kline, is kind, compassionate & extremely knowledgeable!! Sets your mind at ease!!

    Ending Surprise Medical Bills

    See what’s coming to help to protect patients from surprise medical bills and remove consumers from payment disputes between a provider or health care facility and their health plan.