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We Offer a Renewed Sense of Power, Control

Each year, our doctors and staff meet hundreds of women who have lost one or both breasts to mastectomy. While each of them is a unique individual, we do see common concerns: Will I ever feel "normal" again? What type of reconstruction is right for me? Am I silly, or vain, to consider reconstruction?

We also work with women seeking "preventive mastectomy," as a result of their family history, genetic testing or precancerous condition. Prophylactic mastectomy is increasingly common, and we help these patients secure the best possible reconstruction results.

At the Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction, we know that women's bodies and emotional selves are inextricably linked. There isn't a question we haven't been asked; nor a concern we haven't helped women and their loved ones manage. From financial questions to intimacy issues, we're here to help.

We're about more than reconstructing breasts. We're about restoring lives.

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